The people behind Vista’s Maintenance and Engineering

Vista Aircraft Maintenance is fundamental to supporting the smooth operation of the Vista Members’ fleet, comprised of over 300 aircraft ranging from light jets to ultra-long-range aircraft. With a network of maintenance hubs strategically located across the U.S. and Europe, we ensure prompt and high-quality service to our clients worldwide.

The people behind Vista’s Maintenance and Engineering

The Vista group’s investment into maintenance upholds our commitment to providing the highest standards of service, safety and reliability.

To provide a deeper understanding of the pivotal role maintenance plays within Vista’s aviation ecosystem and the types of roles and careers it involves, we delved into conversations with some of our employees.

Benjamin Everett, Base Maintenance Manager, Farnborough

Ben Everett’s early exposure to aviation instilled in him a desire to work in the industry — a goal that he has pursued ever since. With a career spanning over two decades, Ben’s journey has led him through diverse roles, from mechanic to Base Maintenance Manager.

As Base Maintenance Manager, Ben oversees the production team in Farnborough, UK. His role is integral to ensuring the seamless operation of maintenance activities, contributing to the airworthiness of the Vista Members’ fleet. Ben’s leadership style is empathy and empowerment. Ben understands the importance of supporting his team: “without your workforce, you have nothing” he affirms, showcasing the value of fostering an encouraging and collaborative work environment.

When asked about what draws him to Vista, Ben highlights the company’s commitment to employee development and growth opportunities. “We are an agile company,” he remarks, emphasizing the dedication to facilitating internal mobility and providing comprehensive training programs. Ben’s advice for newcomers is to “ask why” encouraging individuals to remain curious and open-minded. He emphasizes the importance of self-development and building strong relationships within the workplace, noting that these qualities are key to standing out and advancing in the industry.

Markus Vogl, Director of Maintenace, Munich

Markus, the Director of Maintenance, plays a pivotal role in ensuring synergized operations of all maintenance hubs across the U.S. and Europe. With decades of industry experience, Markus brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his position.

“If you have your own maintenance in-house and you can cover the larger maintenance challenges, you can bring the ground time down” he explains. This approach not only minimizes an aircraft’s time on the ground but also allows Vista to uphold stringent quality standards while optimizing fleet availability.

For those aspiring to join Vista Aircraft Maintenace or pursue a career in the field, Markus offers invaluable advice “The most important thing is you should not give up,” he advises “if you really want it, go for it.”

Ariane Lefebvre, CAMO Engineer, Malta

Ariane’s journey shows the importance her role brings to ensuring the airworthiness of the extensive Vista Members’ fleet. Reflecting on her career, Ariane emphasizes the importance of work experience “During my studies, I did a lot of internships. So, when I started my career, I had almost

one year of experience already. Internships or jobs, it’s really important to see how it works in real life.” For aspiring aviation professionals looking to carve a path into engineering, Ariane offers sage advice rooted in her own experience “Be passionate about aviation” emphasizing the importance of having a genuine interest in the field.

Within the CAMO team, Ariane’s responsibilities extend far beyond the traditional maintenance role. From troubleshooting technical issues to overseeing engine and APU shop visits, she plays a central role in maintaining the fleet at peak operational readiness.

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