Complimentary empty legs for those in need

Vista Global to extend support through its entire global infrastructure now including the XO fleet; Initiative will provide access to 115 aircraft and complimentary empty leg flights for Governments and medical organizations. Vista Global announces it will expand on VistaJet’s offer of complimentary empty leg flights to those with critical travel requirements during this time […]

Introducing the Global 7500

VistaJet will be the first global private aviation company to fly passengers on the only fleet of the the world's largest and longest range business jet.

Fastest in-flight connectivity

Revolutionary LuxStream connectivity service will be available across the Vista Global worldwide fleet of 116 aircraft

Introducing XO: The Global Private Aviation Marketplace

The beginning of a new world, with instant booking and worldwide access for all On Demand customers. Customers will be able to choose the best digital membership option, request a flight, or book a seat – instantly.