Ramping up for Summer: global trends, exclusive Member experiences, and employee perspectives

Delve into current global flight trends, exclusive Member experiences and firsthand accounts from dedicated employees as Vista gears up for a busy summer season.

Ramping up for Summer: global trends, exclusive Member experiences, and employee perspectives

Global flight trends for the summer season

As the peak season ramps up, our Sales teams notice distinct trends in flight preferences among our Members, reflecting regional tastes and travel habits of the world’s most prominent individuals and businesses.

In Europe, Members are favoring shorter flights to sun-drenched destinations like the South of France and the Balearic Islands. This contrasts with the winter months when longer journeys to regions such as Southeast Asia, Dubai and Singapore are more common. Meanwhile, American, Asian and Middle Eastern Members tend to embark on extended trips to Europe during the peak summer months, with the latter often visiting the fashion capitals of the region.

Journeys are often more family-focused during these peak months, resulting in higher occupancy and a preference for larger aircraft. Families value the extra seats and baggage capacity, ensuring a comfortable journey. Business travelers who usually opt for the more efficient aircraft like the XLS or Phenom are now upgrading to more luxurious models such as the Challenger 350 or even the 850, ensuring that their family travels are as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to top summer destinations, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey are at the top of the list. London remains a critical hub, especially for transatlantic travelers from the West Coast of the U.S., who often transition from first-class commercial flights to private jets for short European hops. This strategic transition underscores London’s role as a pivotal gateway to the continent.

Last year, there was a remarkable 40% increase in demand in the peak season compared to the off-peak season. The most popular travel days span from Thursdays to Mondays, highlighting the long weekend getaways that many Members value.

Join the sales team driving Vista’s summer ramp up

What is in store for Members this summer

As we prepare for the summer season, both the Private Dining and Private World teams are unveiling exclusive offerings designed to elevate the Member experience. Mila Nikolovska , VistaJet’s Director of Private Dining, discusses their team’s approach to crafting seasonal menus tailored for summer:

“Menus feature lighter fare, incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients like salads and desserts including ice creams that cater perfectly to the preferences of summer travelers seeking both luxury and comfort on their journeys. Additionally, a new nutritionist menu will be available at selected locations for clients who prefer balanced meals on board.”

Meanwhile Yvette Caredes , who leads the Private World team, presents a variety of bespoke experiences, special access opportunities, best-in-class benefits and wellness services through the Members-only program, designed to inspire travel and complement the exceptional Vista onboard experience.

“This year, Vista is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a series of 20 exclusive experiences. Highlights include high-profile events such as The ICE in St. Moritz, Monaco F1 and the Cannes Film Festival. Members can also look forward to the Giorgio Armani Tennis Classic, Art Basel Miami and the Monaco Yacht Show, among others. These events are tailored to provide unique and unforgettable experiences, encouraging Members to explore new destinations and book additional flights.’’

Yvette highlights recent milestones for the Private World team such as the successful launch of the new Private World website and revamped monthly newsletter. These platforms now feature a calendar of global events that continually inspire travel and engagement among Members.

Employee spotlight: rising to the challenge

Reflecting on Vista’s recent growth, we see a positive impact on our teams. Mila explains, “The expansion has brought new destinations, an increased fleet, and more promotions. We have built many partnerships with exceptional restaurants around the world. Additionally, the introduction of the nutritionist menu and various culinary events demonstrate our dedication to offering the best culinary experience for our clients.” This growth has attracted top talent from diverse backgrounds, enriching our teams with fresh perspectives and expertise. Mila adds, “The dynamic nature of our team and these forward-thinking initiatives make the future of our team incredibly promising and exciting.”

As we prepare for the bustling summer season, our dedicated employees are at the forefront, ensuring seamless and exceptional service to our Members. The increased demand and expanded offerings present unique challenges and opportunities that our teams are meeting with enthusiasm and professionalism. “We have some exciting developments coming up,” Mila continues. “We have tastings, events as a team, and organize culinary dinners in each office, which is a refreshing activity for the summer months. We are also hiring to expand our team.”

With our teams’ unwavering dedication and innovative spirit, Vista is not only ready to meet the summer demand but also to exceed the expectations of our valued Members. Our employees’ hard work and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind our success, making this summer a promising and exciting time for everyone involved.

As Vista gears up for the summer peak, we are expanding our team to ensure exceptional service delivery. We are actively hiring across various roles, from operations to hospitality. If you are passionate about luxury travel and are seeking an exciting career, explore our opportunities and apply now.