Navigating the skies: Inside Vista’s flight operations 

Vista Flight Support’s Director of Global Operations, Tamás Hörnyéki and Crew Scheduling Manager, Miriam Zammit reveal valuable insights into the Vista flight operations teams and how they play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of flights within the organization.

Navigating the skies: Inside Vista’s flight operations 

Supporting flight missions at Vista 

In the vast and intricate world of aviation, a series of meticulous operations and critical decision-making processes are required behind every successful flight. At the heart of this, is the Operations Control Center (OCC), a crucial element for managing day-to-day logistics safely and effectively. As part of the Vista Group, a leading global private aviation company, our partner operators have coverage in hubs across the globe including Malta, Hamburg, and Ohio. 

The operational responsibilities are divided between the Vista Flight Support (VFS), who handle pre-tactical phases, including ground arrangements and flight planning, and the OCC, who focus on tactical operations, monitoring and response on the day of flight. The integration of VFS further enhances our operational efficiency by streamlining strategic and pre-tactical planning, allowing our OCC team to concentrate on day-of operations with utmost precision. 

The Crew Scheduling team ensures the aircraft are always properly crewed and able to fly. 

Crew scheduling ensures every flight is in line with FTL regulations, cross-checking crew visas and client preferences. We work closely with fleet planning to optimize schedules and minimize disruptions.

Miriam, Crew Scheduling Manager

How does Vista’s flight operations compare other airlines? 

Vista’s operating companies stand out for their dynamic approach. Vista has primary focus on prioritization, adaptability and flexibility instead of the traditional time performance metrics that most scheduled operations teams follow by. This approach supports the floating fleet model adopted by Vista, which strategically positions aircraft around the globe to ensure we can meet our clients’ evolving needs. 

Vista’s commitment to training and development ensures team members within the Group are equipped with the skills and support needed to excel in our fast-paced environment. The Vista Group operating companies exemplify agility, efficiency and an unwavering dedication to exceed our clients’ expectations in the dynamic industry of business aviation. 

Join Vista’s flight operation teams 

Joining one of Vista’s flight operations team offers an opportunity to be part of an engaging environment where each day presents new challenges and rewards. As mentioned by colleagues Tamas and Miriam, the flight Operations Control Center (OCC) is the central decision-making hub. With the help on logistics and flight preparation of the global Vista Fight Support Team (VFS,) they together ensure smooth flight operations across the Vista network of flights. Tamas emphasizes the need for excellent prioritization, dealing well under pressure and teamwork skills, while Miriam addresses adaptability, determination to learn and patience. 

The Crew Scheduler and Flight Support Agent positions are excellent entry points into either the OCC or VFS teams, with both roles leading to career in either operational management or to a specialist in one of the fields around operations. Our Business Travel Consultants work closely with both teams and all roles require individuals who thrive in high-pressure scenarios and value collaboration. Training opportunities, including initial classroom training and ongoing skill development are provided to support professional growth within the team. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional or starting your aviation journey, there is room to grow and succeed within the Vista Group. If you are ready to embark on a journey where no two days are alike and every challenge is an opportunity, consider joining our team today. 

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