Vista America welcomes dedicated Global 7500s to the U.S. for the first time

Explore without limits — clients have guaranteed access to the world’s fastest and longest-range business jet, now soaring in the U.S.

Vista America welcomes dedicated Global 7500s to the U.S. for the first time

Due to high demand,Vista, the world’s leading global private aviation group, brings the state-of-the-art Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft to the U.S. under Vista America. This reinforces the Vista group’s commitment to offering clients guaranteed availability, anytime and anywhere, through its leading global and regional infrastructure.

We continue to evolve to meet the demand and exceed the expectations of clients who trust us for their domestic and global business aviation needs, while we are unwavering in our commitment to safety and reliability. We are excited to offer the industry-leading Global 7500 aircraft guaranteed for the first time in the U.S. market. Through Vista America’s leading operations and attracting the world’s top experts, we deliver premium, high-touch service on every journey.

David Stanley, President of Vista America

As Vista saw the number of Global 7500 flight hours in the U.S. increase 76% during 2023, this strategic move reflects the demand from those seeking guaranteed availability on the most advanced and capable aircraft available today. Over the last 12 months existing Program Members in the region added on 38% more hours to their Global 7500 subscription. With the latest addition to the U.S. fleet, now all Vista clients have increased access to the world’s fastest and longest-range business jet in the market, something no other private aviation company can offer.

In today’s evolving private aviation market, clients increasingly prioritize guaranteed availability and consistency, and turn to Vista for the most value-driven way for their flying needs. We excel in catering to both domestic and long-range travel needs and now, with dedicated Global 7500s in the U.S., we are uniquely positioned to fulfill increasing demand for one of the most sought-after aircraft in the market.Our subscription model and transparent pricing ensure predictable costs with no upfront investment or asset risk, whether flying domestically or across continents. Every flight becomes a seamless extension of our clients’ world, backed by the unwavering service commitment.

Leona Qi, President U.S. of Vista

Flying on the game-changing Global 7500 fleet through Vista is the most cost-efficient way of experiencing the world’s leading jet for both corporate and personal travel. Using VistaJet’s Program membership instead of buying a $70m+ asset outright or fractions of it, fliers will see no depreciation, no capital risk and can access the company’s full fleet of aircraft. In addition, clients have the ability to select the right aircraft for their journey, with access to the full Vista Members’ fleet. The result is guaranteed access to the world — no matter where clients are flying from or to.

Vista was the first company to introduce a Global 7500 fleet to the world, setting the standard for unparalleled global connectivity and performance. The Group was also the first to offer guaranteed availability of the aircraft throughout its service areas — internationally plus domestically within Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and now the U.S. — covering 96% of the world. Today, the Vista Members’ fleet of over 300 aircraft comprises 18 Global 7500 jets — the largest fleet of these iconic aircraft.

With a range of 17 hours flying non-stop, the Global 7500 aircraft offers unbeatable global connectivity, and with Vista’s unparalleled network, it has the space to operate at its peak. The world’s largest and longest-range business jet has precision-engineered wings that provide an exceptionally smooth ride and jetlag-reducing technology that automatically adjusts cabin lighting to synchronize circadian rhythm to the time of your destination. With four separate living spaces and exclusive onboard amenities, Vista’s Global 7500 is perfect for corporate fliers or families, offering a boardroom in the sky or a place to relax and unwind.