Vista America operators reaffirm WYVERN Wingman® certification

Reinforces its unwavering commitment to safety and client trust

Vista America operators reaffirm WYVERN Wingman® certification

Vista America air carriers XOJET Aviation LLC and Western Air Charter Inc. have renewed their certification as WYVERN Wingman® operators. This certification is achieved through ongoing participation in WYVERN’s Flight Leader Program®, the first and most comprehensive progressive risk management program in the private aviation industry. Earning this gold standard for safety risk management further solidifies Vista America’s position as a trusted partner for all travelers, including Vista brands – VistaJet and XO – clients in North America.

“Our recertification as WYVERN Wingman is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence. We are proud to be recognized among the industry’s elite operators, consistently exceeding the highest safety standards.

David Stanley, President of Vista America

“When VistaJet and XO clients take flight, they deserve the confidence of industry-leading safety and peace of mind. This recertification isn’t simply about exceeding expectations, it’s about setting them.

Leona Qi, President U.S. of Vista

The WYVERN Wingman Standard is a comprehensive audit that assesses an operator’s adherence to the most stringent safety practices. The scope of the evaluation includes an assessment of operational activities, a review of the company’s operational history and safety records, its Safety Management System (SMS), an internal evaluation program, administrative compositions, technical documentation, pilot and aircraft records, training requirements, and maintenance operations including technician training and experience. Successful completion of the audit underscores the carrier’s dedication to maintaining the highest levels of safety throughout its operations, from pilot training and aircraft maintenance to operational procedures and safety management systems.

“We congratulate these Vista America air carriers for renewing their Wingman certification, which validates their effective safety management system as well as their excellence in managing operations and aircraft maintenance. Wingman Operators stand out from their peers by allowing WYVERN to assess their conformity to best practices and continually monitor their information related to safety.”

Andrew Day, WYVERN’s Senior Vice President, Operations

Vista America’s focus on safety is deeply ingrained in its company culture, which emphasizes problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation. This dedication to safety has resulted in one of the highest safety ratings in the market, further reinforcing Vista America’s reputation as a trusted provider of private aviation solutions.