Time to act on sustainability

Business cannot wait. Neither can the world.

Time to act on sustainability

Almost every area of human activity has an impact on the environment and minimizing our impact on the planet is becoming increasingly urgent. 

Business aviation is undergoing a paradigm shift, ushered by a combination of technological disruption and societal expectations, with frequent fliers being increasingly aware of and alarmed over climate change. 

VistaJet is leading the evolution of a very traditional industry and already revolutionized the market by launching a business model centred on sharing economy principles, offering a fleet of over 70 aircraft to serve multiple customers across the globe. 

Offering a fleet of young and fuel efficient aircraft, our commitment today goes further still: we are setting company-wide emission reduction targets, investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to further optimize how we fly, using sustainable products on board and working with our customers to offset global fuel emissions from this year through certified carbon credits. Additionally, our empty legs account for around 30% of total flights, 25% lower than industry standards which run at 40%. 

VistaJet’s priority is to reduce it’s carbon footprint meaningfully and fast, and to explore all routes to higher sustainability. However, only a multi-party contribution can help us reduce the impact at scale and affect a long-term transformation.

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