Complimentary empty legs for those in need

Vista Global to extend support through its entire global infrastructure of 115 aircraft with complimentary for Governments and medical organizations.

Vista Global announces it will expand on VistaJet’s offer of complimentary empty leg flights to those with critical travel requirements during this time of uncertainty.

Through VistaJet and now XO, the global digital marketplace for private aviation, Vista Global will provide Governments and medical organizations access to over 115 aircraft during the COVID-19 pandemic. Combining efforts across VistaJet and XO – and utilizing their global network, infrastructure and technology – the group will help Governments repatriate citizens who are stranded abroad and assist in transporting healthcare professionals and medical supplies to the countries that need them the most by providing access to complimentary empty leg flights.

Furthermore, to help officials keep their response plans as prompt as possible, Vista Global will also assist with the complex logistics of the necessary permits and paperwork.

In the past 48 hours since VistaJet’s announcement, we have received a very positive response from Governments and medical organizations so have therefore decided to expand this offer to our group fleet of 115 aircraft throughout the world. We understand that people need help, especially in times of instability, and now in expanding the availability also to XO’s fleet, we are able to use our entire global network, infrastructure, expertise and technologies to help even more communities in need.

Vista Founder and Chairman, Thomas Flohr

Governments and medical organizations requiring assistance should contact the group through VistaJet’s dedicated web page to allow the company to channel all requests ensuring prioritization, address the most critical cases and manage the relevant safety screening.

Complimentary empty legs and other offers are available at the sole discretion of VistaJet and XO, and are subject to terms and conditions. Vista Global Holding Limited (“Vista”) does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed/DOT-registered EASA or U.S. certified Vista Global group direct air carriers and/or partner operators. Vista Global holds a non-controlling minority stake in XOJET Aviation LLC.

About Vista

Vista Global Holding’s (Vista) subsidiaries provide worldwide business flight services. A global group headquartered at the DIFC in Dubai, Vista integrates a unique portfolio of companies offering asset light services to cover all key aspects of business aviation: guaranteed and on demand global flight coverage; subscription and Membership solutions; and cutting-edge mobility technology. The Group’s mission is to lead the change to provide clients with the most advanced flying services at the very best value, anytime, anywhere around the world. Vista’s knowledge and understanding of all facets of the industry deliver the best end-to-end offering and technology to all business aviation clients, through its VistaJet and XO branded services and duly licensed carriers. Vista is not a direct air carrier and does not operate or charter flights.