Fly to new heights with Vista.

Vista is a leader in private aviation and our crew are the face of our brand. They are also a huge part of our continuing success. The dedicated and exceptional service of our world-class pilots set us apart from the competition, providing unparalleled standards across safety, quality, style and service to our clients — high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders across the globe. We are proud to fly to 187 countries worldwide, including in to and out of the hardest to reach destinations.

We are dedicated to our crew's development across the Group. That’s why Vista pilots have the unique opportunity to progress through the Vista Members' fleet of over 360 aircraft globally. Pilots can keep their seniority, advance in aircraft size and have a path of steady growth through our brands and operating partners.

Pilots only fly one aircraft type, to ensure maximum familiarity and instinctive reactions to any situation, and train twice a year.

Global in every sense

Vista’s team of over 4,000 aviation and technology experts represent more than 60 nationalities, working across 6 operations hubs and over 30 offices worldwide.

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Sustainability commitments

Vista is committed to making aviation better. This means changing the foundations of how we operate, to benefit not only our clients, but the whole global community. The industry as a whole must step up to combat climate change and its impact today — it’s the right thing to do and we all have to act now.

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman