The Operations team comprises of our Operations Control Center team and Vista Flight Support team. Our clients are the focus of our attention and guaranteeing optimum availability of our aircraft is one of our most important priorities. Our Operations team ensures the smooth and efficient running of all flights globally, placing the client at the center of all decisions. We seek individuals with advanced organizational skills and a passion for aviation.

Operations Control Center

VistaJet's Operations Control Center (OCC) manages the day-of operations and scheduling for the Group’s iconic silver and red fleet of super-midsize, long range and ultra-long range business jets. Our multinational OCC team combines Operations, Crew Scheduling, Travel, and Maintenance Operations Control.

Vista Flight Support

Vista Flight Support provides the operating and planning system as well as services related to flight preparation. These include flight and route planning, and trip support services ranging from all ground arrangements to permits and fuel for an international Members’ fleet of over 360 aircraft.

Global in every sense

Vista’s team of over 4,000 aviation and technology experts represent more than 60 nationalities, working across 6 operations hubs and over 30 offices worldwide.

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Sustainability commitments

Vista is committed to making aviation better. This means changing the foundations of how we operate, to benefit not only our clients, but the whole global community. The industry as a whole must step up to combat climate change and its impact today — it’s the right thing to do and we all have to act now.

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman