The Maintenance team comprises of our Engineering and Mechanics, Maintenance Control, Response and Mobile Response teams. The continued growth of the Vista spans all aircraft categories and aviation services across the globe. Our Maintenance team is essential to this growth, keeping our aircraft in the skies and guaranteeing the safety of our clients and crew. Vista services its collective flight demand through a fleet of over 360 light, super mid-size, long-range and ultra-long-range aircraft, as well as an alliance fleet of over 2,100 aircraft.

Our global scale allows our employees to grow and develop across the Group. We seek highly motivated individuals with extensive problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize effectively.

Engineers and Mechanics

Vista's aircraft engineering and maintenance team is a highly skilled and dedicated group of professionals responsible for ensuring the safety, reliability, and optimal performance of the fleet through meticulous inspections, repairs, and adherence to industry-leading standards.

Maintenance Control

The aircraft maintenance control team at Vista is a skilled and efficient group responsible for coordinating and overseeing all maintenance activities, ensuring aircraft safety, and optimizing operational readiness.

Global in every sense

Vista’s team of over 4,000 aviation and technology experts represent more than 60 nationalities, working across 6 operations hubs and over 30 offices worldwide.

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Sustainability commitments

Vista is committed to making aviation better. This means changing the foundations of how we operate, to benefit not only our clients, but the whole global community. The industry as a whole must step up to combat climate change and its impact today — it’s the right thing to do and we all have to act now.

Thomas Flohr, Founder and Chairman