Younger generations want
business with purpose

Younger generations want business with purpose

Today’s capitalism is not only about profit. The best companies authentically demonstrate their social as well as financial value. How should company actions reflect their principles? How can aviation companies protect our planet?

Vista Global is built on entrepreneurship – we have always anticipated future dynamics and tried to bring positive change to the world. We are pushing for a faster transition to more sustainable aviation and are one of the first major business aviation companies to provide carbon neutral flight options around the world.

  • 260,000 tonnes of carbon offset*
  • Extending carbon offset to minimum 50% of all international flights in 2019
  • 25% less empty flights compared to industry standards

Our unique operating model is part of the movement towards a greater efficiency economy. Our fleet optimisation AI tools allow for impressive reduction of ferry-flight rates. And through our best in class XO app, we fill seats on flights that would have otherwise been partially empty.

Our clients know that they can foster connections and support a company which shares their values, as we work with our partners towards a lower emissions world. Younger entrepreneurs and upstart companies choosing our service rather than owning their own jet, get the benefits of private aviation in the fastest, most technologically adept way. They can foster connections and travel to places efficiently, while offsetting the carbon used through our industry-leading carbon neutral programs.

*as of September 2019

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