The world is getting
even smaller

The world is getting even smaller

Competing on a global scale means offering fliers access to the entire world without having to juggle through multiple brokers. This was the key success factor behind VistaJet. Now Vista Global also offer fliers the ability to fly anywhere at the tap of a button. It’s about saving time – twice.

Booking a flight through XO is now as little as 30 seconds.

As globalism continues, and our human networks continue to be complex systems composed of many interconnected parts, we know that often the social networks connecting us are smaller than most people may imagine . This decreasing social distance to other people in the world is echoed in the new nature of a connected, borderless business.

Whether you want to access a new part of the world for business or pleasure, Vista Global offers a wide variety of solutions.

Through XO, our best-in-class all-digital instant-booking platform, we offer a unique ease of access to booking routes through 116 owned aircraft, and 1,500 partner operator aircraft.

Our VistaJet business offers guaranteed availability to its rapidly growing membership base with the benefit of 1,000 aviation experts and over 70 aircraft providing access to 187 countries and 96% of the world.

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