Technology is reinventing the
way we live, work and organise

Technology is reinventing the way we live, work and organise

Vista Global is the definition of staying connected, offering access to 96% of the globe at the tap of a button. Our flights ensure passengers remain connected to the most important people in their lives, from family and friends to business contacts.

  • Instant booking 24/7 anywhere in the world
  • Access to 1,500+ aircraft at the tap of a button
  • Up to 25 Mbps* Inflight Wi-Fi capability

Private aviation has historically lagged other sectors when it comes to technological advancements, both in terms of: i) efficiency of revenue management and operating platforms and ii) end-user services experience, such as online booking and service apps. Vista Global has ended this issue, and heavily invested in technology via state-of-the-art proprietary systems, its customer service experience and inflight capabilities.

For its customers, Vista Global’s XO brand provides customers access to the globe with instant flight or seat booking on its app or online. XO offers access to jets across all categories, from light, midsize, super-midsize and long-range aircraft at the tap of a button. Preferential pricing, guaranteed access and 24/7 assistance is offered to XO Members.

Vista Global’s sales, flight booking, aircraft operations, billing and accounts payable are streamlined into its proprietary backend system and integrated 3rd party systems for end-to-end process optimization. Vista Global’s management teams use live dashboard mobile app with revenue data, forecasting, daily sales, flight legs, flight hours, yield, top airports and detailed flight information – allowing senior members to efficiently manage a global 24/7 operation.

Vista Global also brings a connected experience inside the cabin too being the first to launch a revolutionary technology partnership with Collins Aerospace Systems. The partnership provides customers with the fastest broadband speeds available in the air, including 25 Mbps in the US and 15 Mbps outside of the US. This is a further demonstration of Vista Global bringing the latest and most innovative technology to market and driving radical technological change across the private aviation industry.

*25 Mbps in the US, 15Mbps globally – selected aircraft  only

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