Technology is changing
business aviation forever

Technology is changing business aviation forever

Every decade has featured a major change for the aviation industry. In our current era this change is digital. The evolving business aviation landscape is looking beyond booking solutions and at the integration of AI across every aspect of the business.

Companies that are not integrating AI are already falling behind. At Vista Global we are leading the introduction of  AI-led solutions across our platforms, creating the most advanced aviation algorithms to secure customers the best flight options

As businesses and users become more AI and technologically knowledgeable, they expect travel providers to evolve too. The Vista Global approach creates new products based on relationship between demand and offering, in real time, for a new flexible offering.

Operating the industry’s only global digital marketplace, Vista Global has increased transparency by removing time consuming intermediaries, and improving pricing, response time and efficiency for consumers. Having access to proprietary demand and supply data, we will be able to further optimize utilization and assign the best aircraft to each request, maximising yields while offering the most appropriate price to customers. As our AI systems learn the profile of our users and ensure the best flight routes, aircraft and options are ready for them, saving precious time. Our consumers benefit from pricing transparency and the ability to compare alternatives depending on preferences too.

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