Developing economic prosperity
is driving new trade routes

Developing economic prosperity is driving new trade routes

What do political and business leaders need as economies transcend borders? What must mobility companies do to give them access to new opportunities in every part of the world?

Vista Global provides leaders with fast, secure and specific travel options, ensuring they can seamlessly get between some of the most exciting and up-and-coming economic hubs in the world. We take our fliers to the most important business destinations globally, whether they need to get to Dubai, New York or London, we have a flight solution.

  • 85% of private aviation users are business leaders*
  • Private aviation allows leaders to access three to four locations in one day

Economic prosperity is driving private aviation usage. Global real GDP is forecast to grow at 2.9% p.a. from 2017-2025 and this is not solely driven by developed countries. McKinsey data shows that 18 out of the 71 emerging economies it studied outperformed global benchmarks and their peers

by achieving more than 3.5 percent per capita GDP growth over 50 years or 5 percent growth over 20 years. McKinsey found that the success stories’ common thread was a connection to the global economy, a borderless approach to business.

Vista Global offers corporate leaders the opportunity to fly from the most important economic hubs anywhere in the world with guaranteed availability at any time. Vista Global companies ensure corporate fliers can save time and quickly gain access to the most important destinations at the tap of a button. The new Global 7500 aircraft set the speed record between New York and Los Angeles, completing the coast-to-coast flight in 3 hours and 54 minutes. Flights are normally ready to take off just minutes after boarding. Vista Global also provides its fliers with unrivalled access to every economic hub, as well including hard-to-reach destinations.

* Source Business Aviation and Top Performing Companies 2017

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